About Me

Hello and welcome to my website! I have been designing and wearing historical garments for over 20 years. I am located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

How did I get into this? I am often asked this question. I have been interested in this subject since birth (or at least very early childhood). My grandmother was trained as a seamstress in the 1890’s. She got married and never used her skills professionally, but she passed her knowledge and skills along to my mother, and my mother passed them along to me. In fact for the first 16 years I was still using my grandmother’s sewing machine! These antique sewing machines have many attachments that are unfamiliar to modern sewers – tuckers, hemmers, mutliple slotted bias binders, pintuck feet, rufflers, and shirring feet to name a few.

These tools make it possible to reproduce the details of antique garments – this is how many of them were produced at the time! I now have two Husqvarna Viking embroidery machines – in addition to being able to use all of the funky attachments of the antique machine, I use these machines to reproduce period embroidery.

Using the site menu at the side and bottom of the webpages you can view my online portfolio of garments I have made from many different time periods. While I do not produce clothing for sale regularly, occasionally I do sell off some items on Ebay.

Mom’s Page is a work in progress – my mother was a great inspiration to me, and I am documenting many of the projects we did together.