1740’s Off White Printed Calico Jacket

This jacket is made from a JP Ryan Ladies Jackets pattern (highly recommended) and has the full skirts and wide “wing” cuffs of the early/mid 18th century. The fabric is a printed cotton in various shades of turkey red, blue, green, and brown on an off white ground. The sleeves and neckline are trimmed with antique bobbin lace. These fitted jackets were intended to be worn over stays and were considered quite fashionable.

The skirt is my attempt at an easy quilted petticoat – it is made from a pre-quilted decorator fabric. Quilted petticoats were very common in the 18th century for both their beauty and warmth. They were often made of silk with a layer of wool batting between the inside and outside silk layers. The quilting was very elaborate as this fabric is imitating.