Blue and Yellow Print Just au Corps

This type of bodice is a French style popular during the French and Indian War (therefore popular with French and Indian War Reenactors).  The printed cotton/linen blend fabric has a period pattern of blues and yellows printed on an off white ground. The Just au Corps is lined with the same dark blue linen as the skirt and is in fact reversible. I do not know if this was a period practice but it makes sense for the modern reenactor who wants a slightly more adaptable wardrobe. I also made a skirt from this same fabric so the outfit can be worn with the solid and print fabrics reversed. The Just au Corps closes in the front with silk ribbon ties threaded through pairs of thread eyelets. The ruffle of the sleeve and neckline of a linen chemise show at the ends of the 3/4 length sleeves and the neckline. The garment is heavy and fitted enough to be worn without stays, as an “undress” or work style similar to English jumps.  Made with Mill Farm Just au Corps pattern.