1780’s Purple Lustring Robe a l’Anglaise with Zoned Bodice

The term “zoned bodice” refers to the shape of the front and stomacher of this gown – the front meets at the top center front and then slants outwards towards the hip. The space in between is filled in with a stomacher. This dress is made from purple and blue shot silk taffeta, which was referred to as “lustring” at the time. The dress and petticoat are trimmed with pinked ruffles of self fabric, embroidered and embellished with ribbon floral trim. The gown is a Robe A L’Anglaise (English Back) with the back pleats sewn down to the waistline. It has 3/4 length sleeves as was fashionable in this period. The stomacher is also embroidered.  It was made over the Late 18th C. Robe a L’anglaise pattern by Wingeo.