1780’s Sheer White Stripe Chemise a la Reine

I made this dress without really using a pattern – a Chemise a la Reine is a pretty simple garment.  I made this before a great pattern came out from Laughing Moon Mercantile – I hope to make another and try using their pattern.  In its simplest form, the Chemise a la Reine is a wide tube of fabric with shoulder straps with drawstrings around the neckline and waist, with either puffy or straight sleeves set in.  They could also have a fitted back – to avoid bulk (I have enough bulk as it is) I made this with a fitted back, over the JP Ryan English Nightgown pattern.  I used a gathered panel for the front that fits over a front lining that laces down the front.  The puffy 3/4 sleeves are a little shorter than ideal, but I was running out of fabric!  It is worn with a wide blue satin sash.