Mid 18th Century Purple Fustian Dress


Fustian is a period term for a fabric made from a blend of linen and cotton. I found this fabric years ago at Joann’s and finally got it made up into a gown.  This is a test gown made using the wonderful Larkin & Smith English Gown pattern.  I highly recommend this pattern – it is like getting an entire workshop in a pattern!

The gown has an “en fourreau” or pleated one piece back, robings, cuffed sleeves, and fits over a stomacher.  For its first wearing (last photo in gallery) I wore it with a tan embroidered linen petticoat and stomacher.  I subsequently made a self petticoat and stomacher.  The gown has lacing eyelets so it can be worn laced over top of the stomacher (shown with green ribbon in this configuration).  Finally I made up a crewel embroidered stomacher from Wm Booth Draper – most of the photos are taken with this stomacher and the self petticoat.